WHERE will I get a payday loan or loan with a bailiff?

Hello, credit with a bailiff where will I get? I regularly pay the bailiff, but due to a random event, I have to take out a loan with the bailiff.

I do not want to hide the fact that I have a bailiff, is it possible to find a loan company that will grant me a loan or payday loan despite the fact that I have a bailiff? I am interested in the amount of 5000-6000 USD.

Loan with a bailiff where will I get?

Loan with a bailiff where will I get?

Credit, loan or payday loan with a bailiff – is it even possible to borrow money with the bailiff on his head? Clients with debt or bailiff seizure are very often convinced that it is simply not possible to obtain any form of loan in their case. In reality, however, there are loan companies on the Polish loan market that grant loans to people in debt .

Importantly, a payday loan with a debt collector or another option of a non-bank loan usually does not differ in terms of financial terms from the loan offer for people without debt. The interest rate on the loan, the commission for granting the loan, or the length of the repayment period should not differ from loans intended for people who are not indebted.

However, the loan company also assesses the creditworthiness of the potential borrower. This does not necessarily mean that a customer considered risky – for example due to the active bailiff of a part of his regular income – will be dismissed. The entity may, however, expect additional security of its interests, for example in the form of a third party loan guarantee or pledge of real estate.

Where to borrow money when we have a problem with a bailiff?

Searching for a solution in the banks’ offer, in a situation where part of our income is taken over by a bailiff, actually misses the goal. A real miracle would have to happen for the bank to grant us any loan. Therefore, a loan with a bailiff at a banking institution should be placed in the category “impracticable”. However, as mentioned above, loans for indebted people, including clients with debt collection activities, can be found in the offer of modern loan companies.

The spectrum of loan offers for clients with debt bailiffs is admittedly not very broad, however, we will find at least a few loan companies providing such services. Before contacting a loan company, of course, you should first and foremost carefully read the terms of the loan. We should be interested not only in such parameters as interest rate and repayment period, but also in the requirements set by the company to a potential lender.

Some of the loan companies providing services such as loans with a bailiff require, for example, a certificate of ownership of real estate or movable property (in the latter case, it must have a certain market value). In the case of other lending and parabank companies, an income statement is often enough, but it should be remembered that when assessing our creditworthiness, the lending company will take into account the amount of monthly income after deducting the amount taken by the bailiff, and not the amount of income at all.

Our standard monthly expenses will also count. The credit history of loans for clients with bailiffs obviously plays no role.

However, if we have a lot of unpaid liabilities in the past and the current problems with the bailiff are not our first, it may happen that we will be assessed by the loan entity as a client with too high a risk.

How much can you borrow if you have a bailiff?

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The maximum loan amount with a bailiff is determined above all by the specificity of a given non-bank company. In other words, it all depends on where we are going to make a commitment. The amount of payday pay with a bailiff in a given situation should therefore usually vary from a few to several thousand dollars.

Of course, the type of collateral we provide to the lender will also affect the maximum amount you can borrow. The higher our monthly income after deducting the bailiff’s attachment or the higher the value of real estate or movable property pledged as a loan, the higher the maximum loan amount should also be.

What should you look for when choosing a loan?

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Customers looking for solutions such as a loan for debtors with a bailiff often commit a lot of carelessness, which unfortunately in some cases brings really deplorable results. First of all, it is worth remembering that the concept called non-bank loans is still, unfortunately, far from precision and ideal. In other words, not all non-bank loan companies can be considered reliable and trustworthy on the part of the client.

So how can we distinguish a reliable and credible entity from a company that for our own good will be best avoided by the proverbial wide arc? At the beginning it should be noted that the activity of the loan sector in Poland is governed by the provisions of a special law. Based on this fact, a distinction should be made between loan companies and so-called banks.

Loan companies are enterprises with a specific legal status and are obliged by the state to comply with specific rules and regulations regarding their business model. Loan companies are also subject to detailed control by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF).

In turn, banks are companies with an unclear and ambiguous legal status. They usually exploit loopholes in Polish legislation, thanks to which they can provide loan services without being, from a formal point of view, loan companies, and thus not also subject to the control mechanisms provided for by the Polish law for the latter.

How to distinguish a loan company from a bank?

How to distinguish a loan company from a parabank?

On some websites or forums, we may come across opinions that the decisive factor in this matter is whether the offer of a given entity is included in the most popular non-bank loan comparison websites or not. Of course, this is not the right approach. The only effective and fully reliable method to check the reliability of our potential lender is to check it in a database known as the National Register of Loan Companies.

This register includes all loan companies that are fully legally operating on the Polish market, and the database itself is kept under the control of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. If a given company offering loan services is not on the Register of Loan Companies, we are dealing with a bank, i.e. a high-risk service provider, almost 100 percent.