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Get help from internet loans for bad credit today 

Have you found the offer you had been waiting for a while, but right now you don’t have the amount to pay the payment? Have you had an unexpected event at home and need money immediately? In online @, you can request an internet loan for bad credit that will allow you to have the necessary capital to solve that urgency: without questions and without interminable procedures.

Internet loans for bad credit are an accessible and secure way to access amounts of up to 5000 USD in just 15 minutes, with us, you will know from the first moment what amount you will have to pay each month. In addition, we offer you the possibility of using only one part, so that you will only pay interest for it while you keep the rest of the credit line granted at your disposal in case you have another need. All this is backed by our cutting-edge technology, which allows simple and fast procedures with the aim of making your loan application and management process as easy as possible. Nor do we apply opening, study or cancellation fees (total or partial).

Steps and conditions to obtain an online loan without paperwork

Steps and conditions to obtain an online loan without paperwork

Our technology allows us to save you waiting and unnecessary paperwork. Therefore, to request one of our online loans without paperwork, you just have to enter our website and fill out a simple form. If you are of legal age, you have recurring income and do not appear on any list of delinquents, you will have to send us the following information and documents:

  • Valid ID or passport that justifies your residence in Spain.
  • A selfie that confirms your identity.
  • A Spanish bank account number so we can transfer your money as soon as possible.
  • A contact mobile phone number.

Once the documentation has been received, we will analyze your financial situation to offer you the conditions that are most in line with your needs and the particularities of your case, always according to the precepts of the responsible lending. We do not apply opening, study or cancellation fees, and you will have up to three years to return the amount. In addition, you will always have the support of our customer service, which you can use if you need it any day of the week, from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., at the hello @ Instant Care Bank email address. com or on the phone 902 201 232.

Benefits of applying for a paperless online loan

The main advantage of our fast and paperless online loans is precisely their agility, not only in the procedures but in the term to have your money: you will have it in 15 minutes from when we confirm the approval of your credit line for you need or what you want, always with maximum security.

In addition, we will not ask for a guarantee or ask you questions about the fate of the money. You will only have to prove that you have demonstrable monthly income and send the documentation we ask for. From the granting of your online loan, you will have three years to return the money, so you can plan without problem to do so before if you wish (and without applying cancellation fees!) Or pay the fees comfortably during the whole term: it is entirely at your choice.

Who are online loans without paperwork?

It is not always possible to have enough savings to face an unforeseen event or take advantage of the opportunity you dreamed of being presented. Therefore, if you find yourself in a situation of this nature and you are of legal age, you can show that you have income every month and you need a timely need for money to which you need to respond as quickly as possible, the online loans we offer in Instant Care Bank come as a ring to your finger. With them, you can have up to 5000 USD and you will have up to 36 months to return them.

Is it safe to apply for a paperless loan online with Instant Care Bank?

At Instant Care Bank, we care about security not only in relation to technology, but we also make great efforts to fight fraud and we have ethics present in all our processes. With regard to the former, our technology is aimed at optimizing the services we provide and meeting the financing needs of our clients in the shortest possible time. We apply cutting-edge technology to maintain maximum security regarding the privacy of your data, as well as in all the steps involved in the transaction.

Instant Care Bank and financial education

Jeremiah Flintwinch and financial education

One of Instant Care Bank’s main commitments is related to financial education. For us, it is essential that users understand the real implications of hiring a financial product, as well as losing the fear of borrowing if they actually have the possibility of repaying the loan.

Therefore, at the end of 2018, we delivered 20 scholarships to participate in an online course on personal finance: the chosen ones have benefited from an improvement in their financial education thanks to virtual training that has allowed them to assume better control of their economy. The delivery of these scholarships took place in our first Forum on Financial Education, in which leading experts from the field of finance and the fintech sector participated, among others.